payment via Payoneer?



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    Payoneer has been suggested by several sellers and seems to be a fair payment processor. We have not excluded it from future plans, but are not yet actively working to add it. Thanks for your suggestion!

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  • ZeePoster

    Me too for PAYONEER. Suddenly my booth can not accept PayPal, because of a new regulation on VAT. I'm on B. since 2016, and now I'm out ??? Does Bonanza working on this issue ? Thousands of sellers are affected, from many countries. PAYONEER is one of the few online payment processors for AMAZON. It means that if Amazon works with PAYONEER, then Bonanza can surely too.


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  • dmitriyvintage

    Payoneer +1

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    I would prefer bitcoin or crypto payment (since this is the futrure anyways.) but i would acccept anything paypal account is permently closed since their new policy making it legal for them to rob 2500$ from your account if you post something on social media they dont like. Not playing that game either get more payment opitions or my seller account will remain closed.

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  • efilynihs

    there is no permission using paypal or stripe here in my country. So you must work with payooner as soon as possible to get sellers from my country. Otherwise we cannot complete activating the booths here in Bonanza.

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