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    Hi Rashad,

    Thanks for your suggestion. When a buyer checks out there is a field for them to fill out to provide a phone number. It is not a mandatory field since that would discourage sales. You may try asking for a phone number upon purchase in your listings' descriptions.

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  • All_Perfumes

    Hi Ms. Shelly,

    Im from Portugal and Like You already know for all the items we sell to the United States (Since January 2021) we have to fill, before all shippings to the United States, the EAD - Eletronic Advance Data for the US Customs.

    One of the fields we have to fill (mandatory) is the telephone and the email. Without fill that informations its not possible to send that document. Ebay already provid us that informations since then...

    Off cource I know that we can ask this informations to the Buyer after a sell but You know also that there are many New and inexperience Buyers wo dont respond in time to internal messages.

    Its very important this change and this evolution. 😉

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  • Rashad_01

    I do agree with you!!

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