Rotate listing order in booths


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  • patchesjay

    That's true!  But I have also posted today about SEO Meta Tags.  ebay was like here, your title line is I guess what gets searched.  On Etsy they offer the 13 meta tags, you chose them.  Annoying and time consuming, but in my store manager I can see page hits on each item!  If its something sexy and I use half of my 13 tags to emphasize this, I can see I have items with 1,000 page views, next to something else with 10 views. It tells us what people are still searching on GOOGLE!  I am off Etsy now, but I had 1000-1200 listings up.  Booth visits or page views could be high on any of my pages, because of those SEO Meta Tags.  If we could have an optional fill in the blank template to add a few extra search terms, we could creatively pull more traffic.      What is interesting on Etsy was 100 sellers could be selling the same item, but because each has their own added tags of 13 words or phrases, the search results are mostly different do to search terms or phrases used. I started keeping my list prices at the bottom, but learned I could ask for more, using terms other sellers had not thought to use.  As far as I can tell, GOOGLE only has our Title line to find our booth and listed items.  I hated the extra effort and time adding tags, but there was a cause and effect that added sales!

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