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    Hi TnT_Deals,
    We've worked with Pirate Ship about an integration. Sellers often mention how much they appreciate their low prices and ease of use.
    They have a small team as we do so they don’t have the bandwidth to build an integration with Bonanza using our API right now but have added us to their list of future integrations.
    Thanks for the feature request!
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  • ochoco_collectibles

    I know this is an older post, but I too would like to get PirateShip involved. Possible if those who use PS for other venues, contact PS periodically and ask how the progress is going for them to add Bonanza. Through ebay, I usually ship with PS daily. Still getting my booth set up and going, I haven't as yet needed to ship anything.   I look forward to being disappointed that I will need to manually enter my shipping on PS! LOL

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