UPC requirement waived by Google Shopping if incorporate "GPS Custom Item" field in feed



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    Google has an exception for brands that do not have an internationally known UPC and Bonanza is set up to indicate this when we are sending your feed. Google scans listings with a bot, and if an item is disapproved incorrectly as needing a UPC we may have an option to ask for a manual review. 

    The custom field is similar to the way we are sending items. Google is very clear about how they need the listings sent, and we follow all their guidelines. We work with Google to get all listings the best placement on their advertising channel.

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  • Phoenix_Fire_Jewelry

    Thank you Shelly!  I am glad to know that information.

    Bonanza recommends using "Handmade" or "Custom" as the brand name, in order to communicate to Google Shopping that there isn't a UPC.  However, for a trademarked, branded, non-UPC item you can't legally change the brand name away from the trademarked name (IP violation).

    However, there is a guaranteed way for Google Shopping to accept a listing without a UPC.  BigCommerce uses the "GPS Custom Item" field where a value of 1 to communicate that there isn't a UPC.  Because of your helpful link to the guidelines, I now know that Google uses a different name for the "GPS Custom Item" field than BigCommerce!


    From the Guidelines:


    "Required (For all new products with a GTIN assigned by the manufacturer)

    Optional (strongly recommended) for all other products"

    If the manufacturer has not assigned a GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) then the GTIN/UPC is not required.


    MPN: (Manufacturer's Product Number)

    "Required (Only if your new product does not have a manufacturer assigned GTIN)

    Optional for all other products Your product’s Manufacturer Part Number (mpn)"

    When the manufacturer does not assign a GTIN, the MPN is required.


    The field BigCommerce calls the "GPS Custom Item" field is actually called the "Identifier_Exists" field by Google Shopping!



    Use to indicate whether or not the unique product identifiers (UPIs) GTIN, MPN, and brand are available for your product.

    Supported values  

    • yes
      Product identifiers are assigned to the new product by the manufacturer
    • no
      Product lacks a brand, GTIN, or MPN (see requirements to the right). If set to no, still provide the UPIs you have.  (emphasis mine)"

    If you don't submit a value for this field, it is automatically set to "yes" and Google will reject the listing if it does not have a GTIN/UPC.


    • "Your product’s category type determines which UPIs (GTIN, MPN, brand) are required.
      • If your product is a media item and the GTIN is unavailable:
        • Submit identifier_​exists attribute with a value of no
        • Note: ISBN and SBN codes are accepted as GTINs. 
      • If your product is an apparel (clothing) item and the brand is unavailable:
        • Submit identifier_​exists attribute with a value of no
      • In all other categories, if your product doesn’t have a GTIN, or a combination of MPN and brand: 
        • Submit identifier_​exists attribute with a value of no"

    Sometimes the combination of MPN and Brand will override the GTIN requirement.  But to get predictable outcomes, you set "identifier_exists" to "no" and then provide every identifier you do have (brand and/or MPN).


    Now that you have helped me find the right name for the field, I must update my request:


    Can Bonanza please make it possible for the seller set the "identifier_exists" field, and please communicate that field in the Google Shopping feed?  I believe this will simplify Google acceptance of listings and reduce rework through manual reviews.  And make it possible for sellers who manufacture their products and do not use UPCs to brand their product lines!  :)


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  • Shelly

    When we send your feed, we automatically determine if any products need to be classified as such.

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