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    Hi @dbergert,

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the confusion. You can easily reserve the items you want to keep in your account but do not want posted for sale in bulk from the batch editor. Hover your mouse over the "Selling" link in the upper left-hand corner of any page and select "Batch edit items" from the drop-down. Select the listings you do not want to be posted for sale, then set the status to "Reserved" using the toolbox at the top of the page. Apply the change to your selected listings. The items will remain in your account but will be removed from your booth so buyers are not able to view or purchase them. Once you are ready to post those items for sale, go back to your "Selling > Batch edit items" page and select the listings, then set the status as "For sale" and apply the change. 

    Learn more about how to reserve items in bulk here:

    Alternatively, you can set all items to reserved to remove them from your booth, then select the individual listings you wish to post for sale. Learn more about restoring reserved items here:

    Another option would be to set the quantity for any items you do not wish to be posted for sale to "0" using the batch editor. This will mark the item as "incomplete" and the listing will not be posted for sale in your booth. Once you wish to post the item for sale, update the quantity to a number greater than 0. 

    We hope that information helps. Let us know at if you have any other questions.

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