Tools to manage shipping profiles



  • BookbinEtc

    I agree. 

    Shipping Profiles don't work for me, from Canada, but it would still be nice to keep track of items. It's a real PITA to search my booth for the terms which indicate which items need changing, then to go to Batch Edit to find them (because it doesn't search descriptions), then edit those that match.  Trouble is, without reviewing hundreds of items to make sure they are up to date, invariably one gets purchased, only to find that the shipping on it hasn't changed since the Dark Ages!

    I do love the way Etsy handles SP, and it makes it VERY EASY to change the prices yearly, as Canada Post changes.  A few clicks, and all the listings attached to that profile have updated shipping costs.  It also makes it easy to see which items are NOT attached to a profile, and therefore need changing manually, or added to the appropriate profile.

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  • autonutt

    I appreciate this thread after having to text edit all 3800 of my listings to delete Amazon Pay and replace it with the Stripe shipping option!  During this process, I was stunned to discover that a good handful (maybe 45 items) hadn't been automatically updated in the text editor the last time I did it and were still offering Google Checkout as an option! ;) ;) ;)

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